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The preschool age is an important one in any child’s life. A formative time, this is when children start learning about the letters and numbers that surround them every day. This is when the groundwork is laid for reading and writing. It’s when children start developing social skills, learning how to share and making friendships that will last a lifetime. While most child care centers will take care of your child’s physical needs during this critical time, you want to choose a center that will make the most of this age by stimulating your child mentally and helping them develop socially.

At Kiddie Haven, our center has people who are trained in early childhood development. We appreciate how important this age is, and we strive to make the most of it by introducing young children to new experiences to help them learn, grow and develop.

We offer plenty of outside play time for the children to stretch their legs, work on gross motor skills and learn how to socialize with other children. During arts and crafts, they develop fine motor skills, learn about the color charts and develop a love for creating new things. They will explore through play and learn by trying new things. Most importantly, all the children in our center feel safe and appreciated. They know that they can trust our caregivers to take care of their physical needs, listen to their feelings and help them in every way possible.

Fully licensed, we are proud to be a Gold Seal, accredited school with 5-star quality control ratings. Our center is kept clean throughout the day, and we maintain the proper ratio of students to staff for safety and effective teaching. Our teachers are qualified to administer programs to help young children learn and prepare them for kindergarten. We support social and emotional development through positive interactions, and we encourage the children to develop important skills that will help them throughout their lives. When it’s time for your little one to enter a classroom setting and start preparing for school, trust the team at Kiddie Haven to provide your child with the safe, nurturing environment you desire.