The preschool age is an important one in any child’s life. A formative time, this is when children start learning about the letters and numbers that surround them every day.


There is no greater decision facing parents that choosing the right daycare. We are a Gold Seal, accredited school with 5-star QC ratings, so you can know that your child will receive quality care.

Summer Camp

We offer quality summertime and after school programs to ensure that your child is safe when you are working. Our enrichment programs are designed to keep older children entertained and happy while they are in our care.

Top Quality Infant Care & Preschool Programs!

Trust your precious child only to the most experienced and caring team in Palm Springs. Kiddie Haven is a quality daycare and after school facility dedicated to providing children with a safe, nurturing environment for learning and growing.

Caring for children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years, we are a Gold Seal, accredited, 5-star QC rated school. We have special programs based on age to help children of all age groups learn, grow and advance. Programs are inviting, safe and fun in our licensed facility with skilled teachers and trained caregivers.

Supporting the social, emotional and intellectual development of every child in our care, we work closely with parents and guardians to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the child on all levels and helping them grow and feel confident. We provide a child-centered environment with age-appropriate books, toys, games, activities and crafts to make your child’s experienced more enjoyable. Whether you need summer care for an older child or are expecting a baby and need regular child care, call Kiddie Haven today to learn more about our services.